The Rapid Technological Advancement



The constant rise of technologies from mobile hardwares to Internet to blogging and now, social media dominion. From the previous years, mobile phones were used mainly for basic calls and simple text messaging. Later on after the introduction of Internet, technologies have advanced rapidly from computer desktop to laptop. Following the improvement of smart phones, to e-readers such as Kindles and iPads. For blogs and various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube has proved to be very useful in our global virtual converged market.



These technological advancement has definitely changed the way we communicate with each other. Our social circles were generally our families and friends before the introduction of Internet. Marketing and sales were within countries unless traded across the continents through the skies or the seas. Information can only be obtained from traditional libraries, with limited number of books on the shelves.

Internet, weblogs, social media platforms and online chat tools now enables us to communicate across continents in seconds, and also enables us to seek more information from an “unlimited” amount of resources shared among the virtual communities. Marketing and sales of products and services are much accessible than the past.

The result of having multiple platforms gives people more choices to choose from. For this reason, designers will have to start considering the possible platforms clients will be using and cater to each category of users. This probably will result in more efforts to target the same previous group of audience.


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