Media Issues: Magazine Cover Photoshop gone wrong



iWeekly is a weekly Chinese magazine published by MediaCorp. iWeekly was published, on the 17 Feb 2013, and a photoshop mistake was found on the cover page. This is a print publication where design may have been well-intended, but due to the mistake made, could cost MediaCorp a little on their reputation.

The picture here shows that the arm of Fann Wong, a 42 year-old actress, has an “exceptionally long arm”. The neck due to the photoshop, has also been “lengthened”. ‘The picture quickly went viral with over 400 shares within an hour of it being published.’ (Oon, J 2013)

‘Photoshop is the magic wand that comes to everyone’s rescue when they want to chop off certain elements from a picture or change the background of an image or retouch facial elements.’ (Sindhu 2013,, but if handled incorrectly if could become a mockery or “entertainment” for others.


Sindhu 2013,’5 Common Photoshop Mistakes Beginners Must Avoid’, viewed on 20th Feb 2013, <;.


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