Media Issues: Facebook Racism Critique



Singapore, a multiracial country, where more than 5 nationalities and races live together as one nations. The mixture of differences from various cultures coming together to form one unique Singapore culture. A country like Singapore has to be very particular about racial & religious comments, whereby comments in public is strictly monitored by the public audience, themselves.

Amy Cheong, an assistant director of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), made a racist comment which sparked a public outcry of her criticism. The use of social media has enabled convenience for us to reach out to our friends, but our comments do not impact ourselves or just our social circle. Our conduct and ethics on the virtually shared world has implications on our shared neighbors.

‘We freely like or dislike anything and everything, provide an array of details and images from our private lives, and overshare a variety of information that was once unthinkable for public consumption.’ (Cain, K 2012) We share things so freely now that information seems to flow faster than we thought it has been.


The New Paper 2012,’NTUC sacks woman who made racist post on Facebook’, viewed on 20th Feb 2013, <;.

Cain, K 2012,’The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication’,viewed on 21 Feb 2013, <;.


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