Media Issues: Erotic Expressions on Weblog

NUS erotic pic


Is publishing erotic pictures or videos in personal blog a right way to express themselves? On the 17 Feb 2013, a scholar from University of Singapore (NUS) was called up to face disciplinary action for blogging erotic pictures in his personal blog. The public’s outcry for him to remove his blog succeeded despite his declaration in the following video.


His expression on his weblog is beyond the expectations of the general public, which Alvin Tan follow up with free media usage such as Youtube, to declare his point of view as to why he and his girlfriend, Vivian, will continue to upkeep the posts.

Following is an update on the 19 Feb 2013, on an exclusive interview with Alvin Tan and Vivian,


Alvin and Vivian was invited to join one of Malaysia’s broadcasting talk show, and Alvin follows to reply that he will look into the entertainment industry as part of his future plans. From this incident, the thought of expressing themselves, has caused the public to feel uncomfortable and using the power of Youtube, to reinforce his stand.

Publishing and Media has become so easily reachable that anyone has the freedom to post their expressions, as when they deemed right.


Chai, G 2012, ‘NUS law scholar faces disciplinary inquiry for explicit blog posts’, viewed on 21 Feb 2013, <–gross-photos-.html>.


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