Media Issues: Politician elite apologizes for Facebook comments



Authoritative figures whereby their words have more “weight” and impact to the public, a single comment may cost his position if portrayed incorrectly. On the 19 Feb 2013, Mr George Yeo, former foreign affairs minister, asked on Facebook “Whither Singapore?” According to B N Balji (2013), ‘the by-election blow-out and the White Paper wash-out have left many, not just Yeo, wondering where this country is headed.’

Facebook is a good platform to use to get into communication with the public to establish relationship. For it has the sense of immediacy, whereby we can get the latest information or news directly from the user. This is however, false, unless used wisely.

The comments which George Yeo has made, has contributed to the following diminishing morale of the political party, he was previously in. Media is powerful, but the public is still the one to make a choice to choose between what they think is right in their eyes.


Balji, P.N 2013, ‘Whither PAP, whither the elite, whither Singapore?’, viewed on 23 Feb 2013, <;.


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